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Hey DEXT Force!

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We are thrilled to see the interaction in the premium Telegram group, and how quickly the value has been stacking up in the community. We are incredibly grateful for all of the participation and are exited to be rolling out the next piece in the DEXT Force evolution.

The DEXT Force was created with 2 main goals:

  1. To evolve into a powerful and professional trading discussion where members can discuss strategy, analysis, specific trades, and of course ways to use the DEXTools platform to the greatest advantage.
  2. To establish, encourage, nurture and reward community marketing and outreach initiatives to assist in spreading the word about our powerful application as well as to support and welcome new members to the community and DEXT Force.

In order to help facilitate these two main goals in a more efficient way, we were very lucky to have the support and technical experience of @JoeyDieleman who is an absolute coding genius when it comes to the Telegram platform as you will see.

As many people had been asking in the DEXT Force group about the points and ranking system, we had posted a brief explanation as to how that may work. Please note, that process is still under analysis and will involve much more feedback from the community before it is decided upon. In the mean time, we are excited to roll out the infrastructure that makes it all possible, and let the community take it for a test drive. After a couple weeks of feedback, we will be opening up the tracking, rewards and ranking system for discussion with the Force and will publish another article to explain that in more detail at that time. The entire map of how this ecosystem is imagined can be viewed here (but is still a work in progress).

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With that being said, I would like to introduce you to the DEXT Force Premium Holders infrastructure — Stage 1!

The intention here was to accomplish significant tracking and database capabilities while making the process as simple as possible for the users, while remaining intuitive and useful for all of the members of the DEXT Force. We will explain the system in the most basic of “usage steps” and will be available in the DEXT Force chat to help with any questions.

Currently the infrastructure allows the users to:

  1. Submit structured content for Token analysis, Trade suggestions, and Invalidation/exit suggestions
  2. Post links to your social marketing initiatives
  3. Upload graphic design submissions for use by the community

When submissions are made, the infrastructure will package and post the submissions to a separate Telegram channel where messages are disabled. In this channel (which is token permissioned, so only available to DEXT Force members) you are able to upvote, down vote and rocket vote the submissions of other members. You can only vote once, and cannot vote for yourself.

The purpose of this additional channel is two fold: a) To allow for a clean and simple place to view all of the posts relative to trading without clutter of additional conversation and b) help direct the future submissions by the community by either supporting with your votes in a positive manner, or suggesting a different approach with down votes. This voting mechanism is a critical piece of our infrastructure as it will significantly contribute to the future content of our members, assist with points and ranking allocation, and ultimately determine the rewards allocations of the DEXT Force program when it is released.

As this is the first step in the infrastructure, we will only be working with 4 types of posts that will go through the system. I will explain them briefly below:

  1. Sharing a marketing link. These links are direct links to your marketing initiatives. For the time being they will include: Twitter posts, commented retweets, YouTube videos, 4chan/biz posts, biz comments, Medium or Reddit posts, DEXTools app tutorials or guides, graphic design submissions (with a link),
  2. Token analysis. These would be considered a little more in-depth analysis of a token project and could be considered the first layer of research when introducing the force to projects that may be of interest in the med-long term. We ask that these reviews loosely follow a structure that would include: Project name and Ticker, DEXTools pair URL, comments on the project value prop, tokenomics, team, roadmap, and any other items that could make it a viable investment opportunity.
  3. Trade concept. This would be a short term trade “call” or suggestion. These suggestions should be made following the loose structure of: Project name and ticker, DEXTools pair URL, reason for trade, entry suggestion, invalidation or exit suggestion
  4. Trade exit. This is where you would refer to your own trade suggestion with your exit in real time. Essentially “calling” the exit. Ideally you would list the exit token price and reason for exit.

Okay, now that you are all excited and can barely contain yourselves, I will explain the ‘How-to” of the platform. We will duplicate this part into a stand alone article as well for quick reference and it will be pinned in the DEXT Force chat.


  1. Open a conversation in telegram with @dextools_bot and type /start the bot will have the avatar that was posted at the top of this article (isn't he a neat little guy??!!)
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2. Click the following link to add the voting channel

Once you complete the permissioned step with you will have access to this channel below

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Making a submission to the program is done through that cute little bot guy and is actually quite simple.

To avoid errors, when you post something in the bot, it is not auto-posted to the DEXT Force and the Voting channel. It allows you a minute to see how the post will look and make any edits you desire.

Once you are satisfied with your post, you reply to the post in the bot, and in the text section choose the post type after typing /

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When you click on the post type from the list that populates above, it will automatically package the post and send it to the DEXT Force channel as well as the voting channel.

The posts go to both channels for a couple of reasons, and can be voted on in either channel. Mainly we wanted them to go to the DEXT Force channel as discussion is allowed there, and we want all members to be able to discuss these activities. The voting channel is a very clean aggregation of only these types of posts as many community members had requested a separate place for quick reference.


For now, we will simply track the activities of the community with respect to post types and total votes. Until we determine the rewards and ranking structure these activities will be reported as “raw” posts and community votes.


As this is a newly created process, we ask that you are patient in trying to get used to the system. The success of this program will entirely depend on the communities willingness to engage it and contribute.

If you have any questions regarding the system please reach out in the DEXT Force channel or by pm to @thediamondrock

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