DEXT FORCE: Marketing Contest

Okay DEXT Force, the time is finally here!

It’s time to start giving out some rewards to our loyal DEXT Force officers.

We will cut to the chase here and spare you the reading.


  • 1st place → 50000 CXN tokens (minus the transfer tax of 7%)
  • 2nd place → 30000 CXN tokens (minus the transfer tax of 7%)
  • 3rd place → 20000 CXN tokens (minus the transfer tax of 7%)


The contest is intended to highlight how amazing and useful the DEXTools platform is for our trading. We want to highlight that as much as possible so we can share our successes and of course grow the user base of the platform.

The posts that are entered should highlight your favourite feature that uses the platform to your advantage, and how DEXTools gives you a trading edge.

The winners will be determined by raw points through the DEXT Force bot process including the points for posting as well as the accumulated votes for the other members of the Force supporting your content.


  • Marketing posts must be made on twitter, reddit, or 4chan/biz
  • 4chan/bix posts must include a screenshot of the post for posterity.
  • Posts MUST include a photo
  • Post itself is worth 5 points when submitted through the bot.
  • You may retweet, but it must include a comment and a photo to the retweet.
  • DEXTools reserves the right to make assessments of posts that are not relevant or eligible, but the “down vote” function in the DEXT Force system should deem this not relevant.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.
  • Must tag the DEXTools and the DEXT Force twitter accounts on twitter posts.
  • Contest will last from Nov 4 2020 to Nov 12, 2020 at 12 pm EST.
  • Duplicate posts will not be counted or incredibly similar posts.
  • You may follow the progress of your points accumulation in the voting channel.
  • Minimum 30 cumulative points including DEXT Force votes to win any of the prizes.

Any questions can be posted directly in the DEXT Force channel for clarification.

The DEXT Force is encouraged to take the voting seriously as it will likely determine the outcome of the contest.


A powerful trading, research, and marketing community of DEXTools premium members.