DEXT FORCE: Marketing Contest

  • 1st place → 50000 CXN tokens (minus the transfer tax of 7%)
  • 2nd place → 30000 CXN tokens (minus the transfer tax of 7%)
  • 3rd place → 20000 CXN tokens (minus the transfer tax of 7%)
  • Marketing posts must be made on twitter, reddit, or 4chan/biz
  • 4chan/bix posts must include a screenshot of the post for posterity.
  • Posts MUST include a photo
  • Post itself is worth 5 points when submitted through the bot.
  • You may retweet, but it must include a comment and a photo to the retweet.
  • DEXTools reserves the right to make assessments of posts that are not relevant or eligible, but the “down vote” function in the DEXT Force system should deem this not relevant.
  • Multiple entries are allowed and encouraged.
  • Must tag the DEXTools and the DEXT Force twitter accounts on twitter posts.
  • Contest will last from Nov 4 2020 to Nov 12, 2020 at 12 pm EST.
  • Duplicate posts will not be counted or incredibly similar posts.
  • You may follow the progress of your points accumulation in the voting channel.
  • Minimum 30 cumulative points including DEXT Force votes to win any of the prizes.



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DEXT Force

DEXT Force


A powerful trading, research, and marketing community of DEXTools premium members.