DEXT Force Premium Group Welcome Information

Hi Premium Members, and welcome to the DEXT Force Premium Group.

As a brief introduction, we would like to introduce you to the purpose, function, and future of the group:


As our most loyal users, investors, and project evangelists we wanted to show our appreciation for your support of the project and create an environment for more discussion and collaboration. The DEXTools team is committed to building and evolving the best suite of tools for crypto trading and analysis, and we can only continue to do that with the feedback, support, and engagement with our most valued community members — The DEXT Force. This group is the next step to creating and even more community centered and collaborative approach to the future of the project.


This group, as you are likely aware by simply being in here, is restricted to premium holders only, meaning holding and verifying the hold of at least 100,000 DEXT tokens. The system queries the etherscan records of the wallet that was attached (decentralized application from DEXTools) and will require the members to maintain that hold in order to retain access to this group. To gain access, premium members will have to recieve a personalized invitation from one of the Admins in the main group as a means to enter the infrastructure. We ask that you DO NOT share this groups “invite link” directly with anyone as it will result in them being added and immediately removed from the group.

The DEXT Force is a concept that has been developed using the ranking system of the RAF in the UK (becuase its interesting lol). Anyone that has access to this group will begin with a rank of DEXT Force Officer, and will recieve a tag in the main TG groups reflecting that. I will explain a little more about this in the “future” section below.

For now, this group is intended to provide a platform for more intimate group trading discussion, collective investment activities if desired, more detailed strategy discussion relative to the use and optimization of trading with the DEXTools platform, increased engagement with the DEXTools team regarding feature requests, feedback, and testing. We will also share announcements, and project developments in here and encourage this to be a place to share and enhance our grass roots social media and member-based marketing programs. We have other ideas to continue to increase the value of group membership here, and will discuss them as time goes on.

We would highly encourage you to create and share your social activities (Twitter, reddit, biz etc.) in here so we can support eachothers posts and enhance our projects exposure.


This is truly just the beginning in terms of what we have planned…

We are in the midst of developing a much more integrated “social” community infrastructure system where we will have reward structures for additional community engagement and activities. In the coming days we will engage discussions and feedback within this group regarding the development and deployment of these systems, and we are excited about what is to come.

For the time being, premium members that have access to this group will all hold the rank of “DEXT Force Officer”, but the opportunity to advance ranks will be discussed and applied as we release the infrastructure that was mentioned above.

The eventual ranking system will include, in ascending order, CADET → OFFICER → LIEUTENANT → COMMANDER → CAPTAIN → COMMODORE → MARSHAL


IMPORTANT: DEXT Force — Officer tag in the main TG

Please, please, please, and I am sure it goes without saying, consider the additional influence that this tag will carry in the public facing group. Its a wonderful opportunity to build and support the larger DEXT community, which will help all of our investments over time, but it also comes with the additional responsibility to consider what you are saying, and how you are saying it in that group going forward.

A powerful trading, research, and marketing community of DEXTools premium members.