DEXT FORCE: Trading Competition

DEXT Force, the biggest advantage of our platform is the ability to have a trading edge. One of the major advantages of the DEXT Force is to help our fellow Auggies with trading suggestions and insight.

We want to show our love for the trading insights that you share with the DEXT Force, so we decided to do a trading competition with a little twist…

Because we want to encourage sharing of ideas with the community, the competition will be won by sharing ideas with our fellow Force members.


  • 1st place → 10000 DEXT tokens
  • 2nd place → 7000 DEXT tokens
  • 3rd place → 3000 DEXT tokens


To win you will have to submit trading ideas through the bot process in the DEXT Force. The quality of the trade idea will be voted on by your fellow force members. You will also have to post a trade exit (if one is hit during the trading competition) and the success of the trade will also be voted on by our colleagues. Please note that the success of the exit could also be defined by calling an invalidation as it happens as this is a common measure of trading strategy.

Not only do we want to encourage sharing trade ideas, the exit and follow-up is critical to help support the people that are learning and following your trading ideas.

REQUIRED INFORMATION (for the trade suggestion and for the exit/invalidation):

  • Token name and ticker
  • DEXTools link to the pair
  • Reasoning for the trade
  • Exit and invalidation levels or targets (price)


  • Trade suggestion posted through the bot is worth 5 points.
  • Up votes and down votes will be cumulative and contribute to the total count.
  • Exit / invalidation post through the bot is worth 5 points.
  • Structure above with respect to information must be followed.
  • Contest will run for 2 weeks and will start on Nov 4, 2020 and run until Nov 19, 2020 at 12 pm EST.
  • Cumulative 30 points must be earned to win any prize level.
  • Multiple bot entries are encouraged although the quality must be considered as the Force will vote on the quality of the suggestion.
  • Quality should be defined by the level of research and strategy defined in the trade suggestion.
  • DEXTools reserves the right to disqualify any trade suggestion if it is deemed irrelevant, inaccurate, or not well defined. This should not be expected though as the DEXT Force may vote down a suggestion in these cases.
  • You may follow the accumulation of your points allocation in the DEXT Force voting channel.

Any questions can be posted directly in the DEXT Force channel for clarification.

The success of this contest will inform the development of future trading initiatives and additional rewards allocations as well as future development on our bot process.

DEXT Force voting is SUPER IMPORTANT for the success of this campaign and will likely determine the winners. Please take the time to vote accordingly :)


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