DEXTForce proudly presents the Kwikswap DEX and BSC IDO Launchpad

Since we’ve introduced DEXTForce Ventures, we’ve provided numerous unique crypto projects that exceeded all expectations. For those who are new to DEXTForce Ventures, here’s what we do in a nutshell. DEXTForce Ventures (DFV) aims to discover and partner with crypto projects in its fundraising phase, which have a high potential for success. DFV’s partners will benefit from the collective support of the DEXTForce community and get top deals and the best visibility in DEXTools’ ecosystem. In exchange, DEXForce members will benefit from early-stage investment rounds.

Kwikswap Scored 8x Oversubscription

We are delighted to announce our early-stage investment with Kwikswap publicly. The demand for Kwikswap is huge and achieved an impressing 8x over oversubscription by the participating DEXTForce members.

The DFV Committee secured an excellent deal with Kwikswap and joined them among other strategic partners like Pluto Digital Assets, Magnus Capital and more.

  • Ticker: KWIK
  • Listing price: $0.20
  • Circ. supply on listing: 4.6m
  • Market cap on listing: $915K
  • Max total supply: 250m

Kwikswap, a Revolutionary L2 Cross-Chain Swap Protocol

You may ask what L2 stands for, so here’s a quick explanation. Large cryptocurrency networks, think of it as layer 1, are often slow and have scaling difficulties. Layer 2 is a secondary framework or protocol layered on top of such an existing network and aims to solve these problems.

With a Swap service like the well-known Uniswap, you can easily swap two tokens directly from your web3 non-custodial wallet like MetaMask. As more and more users started using the Ethereum network, it became much slower, and therefore the fees for transactions like swaps became very expensive. Networks like Polkadot, Plasm, Reef Chain, Acala, BSC and more provide a great alternative to do such swaps faster with very low fees. Still, at some point, it can get overwhelming to change the network several times and keep an overview of where your tokens are.

Kwikswap entirely developed its source code internally, while it uses a similar interface as seen by very well accepted DEX platforms to ensure easy onboarding for new users. With Kwikswap, you can just connect your wallet and do the desired swap as it combines the most reliable networks and automatically routes your transaction super fast at low-cost fees.

Hold KWIK to participate in Kwikstarter IDOs

Kwikstarter is a BSC IDO Launchpad that allows new crypto projects to go through the entire process from fundraising to project launch and beyond, all leveraged the entire Kwikswap network. Kwikstarter ensures that participants, which hold at least 1000 KWIK tokens and get whitelisted in the required time frame, will get a token allocation. Also, take a look at the Kwikstarter Member Tiers.

  • 1000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 10 / Grasshopper
  • 2000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 30 / Falcon One
  • 5000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 60 / Dragon
  • 10'000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 13 / Falcon Heavy
  • 20'000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 400 / Starship
  • Top 10 KWIK holders / Additional Bonus LP / Moon Base

Keep an eye on Kwikswap’s social media channels to get informed when their launchpad IDO’s start.

Please do your own research and visit Kwikswap’s website to learn more about the team, their tokenomics and co.

Join DEXTForce to benefit from future fundraising allocations

To qualify for upcoming DEXTForce Ventures fundraising rounds, you’ll need to become a DEXTForce member before the official announcement and eligible for the latest DEXTShare. Once you hold at least 100K DEXT, you can consider yourself a proud DEXTForce member. Please head over to this Medium post to learn more about DEXTShare.

We are constantly researching upcoming crypto projects, selecting the best of the best, and can’t wait to present them to DEXTForce finally.

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