DEXTools New Feature Releases: Front-Running Bot Identifier, Multi-Swap

Front Running Bot Identification

This small but informative tool has gained a lot of attention since it was launched a couple days ago. We have noticed more and more lately that these sneaky little bots were “sandwiching’ transactions on many pairs. Now we can identify which pairs they are active on, and make sure to help the communities understand where their slippage and gas settings are allowing bots to “drain” ETH out of their transactions.


Multi-swap was launched on 16 October, just one day after the DEXTools public release! Multi-Swap lets you conveniently trade multiple pairs on Uniswap. Rather than juggling multiple windows, Multi-Swap lets you trade in a single window on the DEXTools platform, giving you major advantages when speed, multi-tasking and flexibility are absolutely critical.

Give it a try at today!