Hey everyone! We’ve seen that a lot of people want to combine the trading power of DEXTools with the supportive community the team has engendered.

That being said, we are glad to announce the beginning of the DEXTools Trading Space. This Telegram channel and Discord board (soon) will be a place where any crypto project can be analyzed, discussed, and traded by the community at large.

You can join the group here: DEXTools Traders Lounge

This is an open space for discussion and only has a couple rules:

1) All discussion must be civil. No swearing, attacking, or fudding is allowed and will result in immediate removal from the group.

2) This is not a platform for selling pump and dump scams. Organized shilling will be deleted immediately.

3) Submissions MUST include realistic price analysis, quality arguments supporting anticipated movements (TA, tokenomics etc.), and MUST include links to DEXTools Charts as evidence and to support other users wishing to follow the discussion.

The success of this initiative will entirely depend on the effort people put in. Please feel free to share with your networks and add to the collective power of the group.

We will be building on the value that members receive from the group over time and may include contests and rewards if the group develops according to our hopes.

We are releasing this as a nod to the community and to embody our commitment to being the Standard in DeFi Trading. If you have any recommendations, suggestions, or are already an active community member please reach out to one of the Community Managers to be promoted as an admin within this group.

We do not endorse any specific trade concepts shared by the community, and will only manage posts that not adhering to the few rules above.

Happy Trading!!!

A powerful trading, research, and marketing community of DEXTools premium members.