NEW FEATURE RELEASE: Increased Detail For Multiple Transactions Wallet Feature

Hey DEXT Force and DEXT Community!

Yet again, the DEXTools team has added another super useful function to the app. For some time we have been able to identify multiple transactions by a particular wallet, but now we can filter that information for additional insight. I know I use this data to a great extent in my trading structure and for that reason am SUPER EXCITED about this addition.

Here is the additional feature:

Image for post
Image for post

Once clicking on the filter graphic you will see:

Image for post
Image for post

Now we are able to see all of this wallets transactions filtered out in the transaction table, and you are able to identify aggregate information from which to glean insight!

Yet again the DEXTools team is increasing our trading insights and continues to evolve the DEXTools Standard as the Hub of DeFi!

Safe and happy trading friends!

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