The DEXT-Chinese Initiative

你们好! Hey DEXT Community! We are proud to announce the official launch of the DEXT-Chinese Initiative. Starting tomorrow we will have a re-vamped DEXT WeChat & Telegram group, professionally translated documents, and a targeted strategy for cultivating the growth of our Chinese speaking community. The documents which have been translated into simplified Chinese are:

1. DEXTools V1 Launch Announcement

2. DEXT Force Deployment

3. DEXTools Manifesto.

4. DEXTools Summary Translated by Mok. Edited by Sky Kho.

This is our first step in a larger, far-reaching initiative to develop multi-lingual DEXT communities all around the globe. DEXTools has rapidly become a worldwide trading platform and, in order to become the Hub of DeFi, we must work to include the communities who are helping us along that path.

As a development team we are always happy to give our community what they need to be successful traders. This means that we need to give you the right tools to trade and the right community to do it with. Let us help you build a burgeoning DeFi community in your neck of the woods. If DEXTools is growing in a part of the world not currently covered by the existing DEXT groups, please reach out in the Telegram community and let us know!




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