DEXTForce proudly presents the Kwikswap DEX and BSC IDO Launchpad

Kwikswap Scored 8x Oversubscription

The Uniswap listing will take place on May 21, 2021

  • Ticker: KWIK
  • Listing price: $0.20
  • Circ. supply on listing: 4.6m
  • Market cap on listing: $915K
  • Max total supply: 250m

Kwikswap, a Revolutionary L2 Cross-Chain Swap Protocol

Hold KWIK to participate in Kwikstarter IDOs

  • 1000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 10 / Grasshopper
  • 2000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 30 / Falcon One
  • 5000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 60 / Dragon
  • 10'000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 13 / Falcon Heavy
  • 20'000 KWIK staked / Pool weight 400 / Starship
  • Top 10 KWIK holders / Additional Bonus LP / Moon Base

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